Before visiting for the first time please contact me for the address and details of how to find the Hermitage.

Introductory Classes

Introductory classes are available each Saturday afternoon from 2pm – 3.30pm. (If Saturday afternoon does not work for you it is normally not a problem to arrange to come at another time.) The first half of the class will be instruction in meditation including a short meditation period, and the second half will be a talk on the principles and practice of Soto Zen Buddhism. A donation of £5 per person is suggested for this class.

Meditation Evenings

The Hermitage is usually open for evening meditation Tuesday to Friday, 7.30pm-9pm. We have two meditation periods of 30 minutes each with a ten minute walking meditation in between and finishing with the chanting of Evening Office.

Wednesday evening is Sangha Evening and people are welcome to stay on for a cup of tea and Dharma discussion until 9.30pm.

There is no set charge for these evenings – you are invited to give a donation according to your means.

Note: The Hermitage will be closed on Wednesday 20th December and will re-open on Wednesday 3rd January.

Day Retreats

From 10am to 4pm with a cooked lunch (vegan and gluten-free) provided. Please book your place in advance, at least two days beforehand. It is fine to come for the morning or afternoon only. More information can be found here: Day Retreats

Dates are as follows (all except March and June are on the 3rd Sunday of the month):

Sunday 21st January
Sunday 18th February
Sunday 25th March
Sunday 15th April
Sunday 20th May
Sunday 24th June
(No retreat in July)
Sunday 19th August
Sunday 16th September
Sunday 21st October
Sunday 18th November
Sunday 16th December

Residential Retreats

For those who are established in the practice of Soto Zen the Hermitage offers solitary retreat accommodation in an annexe containing a bedroom and bathroom.

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