Meditation in the Soto Zen tradition is called zazen. or serene reflection meditation. It is a practice thats helps us to awaken to our true nature, the true nature of reality.

This form of meditation is not about controlling the mind or attaining exalted states of consciousness. It is about allowing this body, this mind, this moment, to be just as it is. By giving our full attention to our experience of the moment without trying to change or manipulate it in any way we gradually develop a new relationship with our experience. We watch our thoughts and see that we are not our thoughts. We feel our emotions and see that we are not our emotions. What then are we, really?

Meditation returns us to our natural state of being as we let go of the fear and the grasping of our everyday mind which attempts to keep us safe in the mistaken belief that we are separate beings who must struggle for survival. Meditation opens us up to the freedom, the peace, the compassion, love and joy that have always been within us.

For more information about zazen go to Sitting Buddha Book, where you can download free PDFs and audio files of this book by Rev. Master Daishin Morgan, the abbot of Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey.

To watch a video of meditation instruction being given by Rev. Master Daishin and monks of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives go to Meditation Video.

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