A Late Afternoon Walk

Setting out for a walk at 3.30 on the first Sunday in November, the sun already low in the sky. Straight up Cromford Hill to Black Rocks aware of the strength in my legs and the capacity of my lungs and grateful to be fit enough to do this. Then along the broad trail that was formerly a railway line. Being high up gives views over to Matlock, lit up by the setting sun. Greeting walkers headed the opposite way with a smile or hello. Through a beech wood, boots in the beech leaves. Down to the canal. Three swans gliding along in single file, the middle one still with the brown feathers of a cygnet.  Mist is gathering under the trees and the rugby posts on Cromford Meadows. At the wharf a model steam engine rally is packing up. Along the road now back into Cromford. Cars have their headlights on. Take the washing in. Boots off. Cup of tea. Dark now.

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4 thoughts on “A Late Afternoon Walk

  1. Adrienne Pitman

    I really enjoyed this walk with you ,although I was a little worried when you were setting off at 3.30 in November. It set me thinking about what I would write about my days in that same format of short precise sentences. I’m thinking that the temptation would be to go all writerly (don’t think that’s a proper word but you know what I mean) I think to write these stages it would be necessary to be right there ,observing,remembering sights,sounds , feelings etc. how much one can be in the moment if our minds don’t lead us off someplace else. My dog walking twice a day is my main form of meditation at the moment because of my particular lifestyle, being right there and being with my surroundings has been so useful and rewarding for me. Just yesterday we were walking in the large cemetery which is behind my house,it has many beautiful trees turning such wonderful colours but I was suddenly aware of a partcular smell, damp, rotting leaves, composting vegitation not unpleasant but I realised a very autumnal smell , and just as it shoul be. I think I might need to work on the short sentences a bit more! In Gassho Adrienne

    1. Alicia Post author

      Thanks so much for your reply Adrienne, I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I just realised my spam protector was stopping me getting comments, so I only found your comment today. Hopefully I’ve rectified the problem. And yes, I have been getting out earlier this week!

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