Eat, Pray, Read….

….(for pray read meditate), walk, knit, eat some more, meditate some more.

SL380894I spent last week on solitary retreat in a wooden cabin at Llannerchwen retreat centre a few miles north of Brecon. Here is the cabin – fabulous views straight across to the Brecon Beacons; I took photographs but they don’t do anything like justice so you’ll have to imagine (which is better, I think).

For the first time in five years I put an autoresponder on my email accounts and left my computer behind. I didn’t miss it one bit! My mobile phone is ancient and only makes phone calls, so that was ideal in case of emergency. I spent my days very simply, divided between the above-mentioned activities, and let the quiet work its magic.

I took a number of books with me. The ones I actually read were Practical Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill and The Light of Discovery by Toni Packer. Both women gave me much food for contemplation.

This was my first visit to Llannerchwen and I certainly hope to go again, perhaps for longer than a week next time.

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