Visiting Dragon Bell Temple

I arrived back yesterday from a very pleasant week with Rev. Master Myfanwy at Dragon Bell Temple in Exeter. Unfortunately Dragon Bell Temple cannot stay in its present property and needs to find new premises to rent, so we spent the week making a start on packing and going to see a possible new location. The current property has a park and gardens at the end of the road and we went there for a few walks. The gardens were formerly a nursery, founded in 1720, and feature a 45 yard long pergola of wisteria, featured on this short YouTube video.

SL380860I arrived back to a good crop of runner beans, thanks to my neighbour who had been watering them whilst I was away. I picked one kilo yesterday, which I have been preserving this morning, and there are plenty more to come. (Please excuse my obsession with the beans – it’s the first time I’ve ever grown anything I could eat, so It’s quite exciting!)

This week, Rev. Master Haryo (the head of our order) and Rev. Master Mugo are coming to visit. They are arriving on Thursday afternoon and leaving on Saturday morning. If you would like to come round and have tea with them whilst they are here you would be very welcome – please ring or email me to arrange it.

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