Visiting a Hermit

IMG_0227I have just returned from a weekend visit to a Christian hermit at her hermitage in mid-Wales, pictured above. I stayed in one of two wooden cabins that provide accommodation for retreat guests and followed her daily schedule. The hermitage faces east towards distant mountains and is reached by a long, narrow track – and yes, she does get snowed in for weeks in the winter.

I was very interested to talk to her about how the hermitage developed and how it is run as it is very much as I envisage the eventual permanent home of Sitting Buddha Hermitage, though perhaps not quite so remote.

On my way back to Derbyshire on Monday I called in to visit Rev. Master Saido at Telford Buddhist Priory and talked with him about my visit to the hermit and how it has re-inspired me to pursue the original aim of the Field of Merit charity that underlies Sitting Buddha Hermitage, which is to offer to practitioners of the Soto Zen school of Buddhism the opportunity to do solitary retreat in individual hermitages in a quiet rural location with the practical support and spiritual guidance of a small resident community. In talking with Rev. Saido I realised that there is very little about this aim on the current website, so I plan to add more about it over the next few days.

This coming Sunday, Aug 9th, we will be having our first day retreat and we just have room for one or two more people, so do contact me soon if you want to book a place.

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