Evening Office

I’ve had a pleasant week, with someone here on retreat. Each time someone stays for a retreat I feel like I also get a retreat.

At the Sangha Evening on Wednesday we continued with our study of three articles about Vespers (Evening Office), written by Rev. Master Koten some years back. If you’d like to read them they can be found here on the Lions Gate Buddhist Priory website – highly recommended.



I also recommend a little book by John Daido Loori called Bringing the Sacred to Life – The Daily Practice of Zen Ritual. He talks about why we do ceremonial, and makes the point:

….whether we realise it or not, we are immersed in secular ritual all the time. Liturgy is a constant reaffirmation of the experience of a group of people.

It was a sunny morning and I walked up through the fields to the High Peak Trail. Meant to take my camera but forgot. Will try to remember so that I can post photos of the landscape around Cromford.

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