Day Retreats

I’m planning to add day retreats to the Hermitage schedule. We’ll start with one in August, date to be decided but it will be a Sunday, and then probably monthly after that. They’ll be open to anyone who can make it, though it’s better if beginners come to an introductory session first. The day will run from 10am to 4pm and a cooked lunch will be provided. I’ll post a more detailed schedule nearer the time, but it will be fine to come for the morning or afternoon only.

Did you see the Dalai Lama speaking at Glastonbury on his 80th birthday? It’s here on the BBC iPlayer. Amongst other things he talks about how one person’s practice can spread out – one happy person can create a happy family, which can create a happy community, a happy country, a happy world. The Dalai Lama makes the distinction between the happiness created by temporary sensory pleasure (such as listening to music at Glastonbury) and the deeper and more lasting happiness created by the practice of compassion. There’s also a half-hour interview with him available here.

Two people asked me last week:

Q. Do you have a job? How are you supported?

A. I do not have paid employment. The Hermitage is set up as a registered charity (named Field of Merit) which receives donations from which it pays the running expenses of the Hermitage including my board and lodging i.e. food, robes, toiletries, travel costs and other essential items. There is provision for the resident monk to receive a small monthly stipend of around £20, but as I have some personal savings I opt not to take it.

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