Sitting Comfortably

SL380848The Hermitage has just been donated two beautiful new meditation benches – thank you so much P. I sat on one this morning to meditate and was very comfortable. The bench is made of oak, has folding legs and is a very reasonable price, made by a small company in the UK, just one man as far as I can tell, so I thought I would give him a plug: (I don’t think the bench really needs a cushion, but if you wanted one you can buy them from Blue Banyan .)

Continuing my question and answer-in-less-than-100-words series:

Q. If there is no god in Buddhism why do Buddhists put an image of the Buddha on an altar and bow to it?

A. Placing an image of the Buddha on an altar and bowing towards it is an expression of gratitude for the life and teachings of the historical Buddha, which show us how we too can become awakened to our True Nature. The Buddha was a human being who was born in Lumbini, in what is now Nepal, around the 6th century BC and who, through his own efforts, became enlightened. Thus a Buddha image represents what we ourselves aspire to and is a constant reminder and inspiration to us.

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