Driving, Walking and Sitting

I’ve had some good exercise this week. On Monday afternoon I drove to Dovedale in the Peak District, which is about 30 minutes away, and had a very pleasant walk – first time I have been there, idyllic valley.

SL380493On Tuesday I took the Hermitage car for a service at the garage in Wirksworth that I used last year, and walked the two and a half miles back over Cromford Hill – and it’s quite a hill!

I had a retreat guest staying on Tuesday night, and on the following morning we walked up to the High Peak Trail, along to Cromford Canal and back into Cromford. After a cup of tea R gave me a lift to Wirksworth to pick up the car. It needs a new exhaust, one new tyre and a rusted wing taping up, but for a 16-year-old Nissan Micra that’s not bad and I was quite relieved that there was nothing more major needing doing.

Wednesday evening is the main evening that people are coming round to meditate together, followed by a cup of tea and conversation. I’m thinking of calling this the Sangha Evening. And I’m contemplatingĀ a series of classes on basic Buddhism that would be a follow-on from the introductory afternoons, so these could be named Dharma Evenings. The meditation periods would be shorter, with more time for a Dharma talk and discussion, and the evenings would be open to regulars as well as beginners.

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