Through the Gate


The entrance to the Hermitage

People have been coming through the gate this week to meditate, to learn to meditate, and to spend the week on retreat here. It has been a good week.

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2 thoughts on “Through the Gate

  1. Fred

    Wonderful picture, Rev Alicia, & heartening to hear of people coming & going through the gate. By the way, the coin in the grid looked to me like either a £2 or something (Irish?) with a harp on it …

    1. Alicia Post author

      Thanks Fred. I’ve been looking at that coin down in the water of the sough beneath the grill in the courtyard. I think it might simply be a £2 coin that fell out of someone’s pocket – probably when they were peering down at the water just like me – but I think I will leave it there for now as a little mystery.

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