First Meditation Evening


I’m holding the first meditation evening at the Hermitage this coming Wednesday, so that has provided the motivation to finish the unpacking and get everything put away. I made a trip to IKEA yesterday (only 30 mins away – what luck) to get some under-bed storage containers, plus lampshades, mirror tiles and other necessary items so I can get finished with setting the place up and turn my attention to what I will be doing here, which will be teaching Buddhism and meditation and supporting people in their practice, in addition to providing solo retreat accommodation.

My plan is to hold introductory sessions on Saturday afternoons and be open for meditation on Tuesday to Friday evenings. That will be a starting point, and we’ll see how it goes. The photo above is an A6 flyer that I found time to design the other morning, whilst a friend was here to make constructive comments (thanks R), and am having printed to give out locally.

While I was at IKEA I saw various wooden outdoor chairs and tables and thought how nice it would be to have two or three chairs and a small table in the back yard. If anyone has some spare wooden or metal outdoor chairs that they would like to find a good home for I wouldn’t say no!

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4 thoughts on “First Meditation Evening

  1. Norman Trewhitt

    Really just to let you know I’m still following.
    . __/\__.
    I like the image of a solitary zafu on a wooden floor. Says it all really. The invitation to sit and the simplicity of zazen.
    It is very interesting how this project is developing from the original idea at “Field of Merit’s” inception, like a lotus blossom unfolding. We are never entirely sure what shape the bud will take as it unfolds.

    With bows

  2. fred

    A good idea to broaden your offers to lay Buddhists & interested others. My best wishes for it to work out well.

    In Gassho,

    1. Alicia Post author

      Thank you Fred. And I’ve already had some interest from new people in the local area, which is very nice.

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