24 Years Later

Three days ago, 25th Feb, was the one-year anniversary of moving to Wirksworth to set up Sitting Buddha Hermitage. I remember driving over the hill between the A6 and Wirksworth, the view you get of the town laid out before you, and thinking wow, I’ve only been here once before, on the day I came to view the property, and now here I am, with Rev. Master Mugo behind me driving the van containing all my possessions and all the items donated for the Hermitage, coming to live here. Up until a few weeks before I hadn’t even heard of Wirksworth.

In ten days time I will be moving again, aided once more by friends and a hired transit van, though this time it will probably take a few trips back and forth to move everything – fortunately only 3 miles down the road.

SL380771And it was at this same time of year, 24 years ago, that I left my life in London and came to Throssel asking to become a monk. Not sure why that thought just popped into my head. Perhaps it is because I arrived at Throssel, with all my worldly possessions, reduced down to what I could physically carry, having also only been there once before, a couple of weeks previously. And I guess it had only been a couple of months before that I had heard of Throssel. (Just to round off the story, Rev. Mugo was the Guest Master who showed me in that day.)

24 years ago I was simply following my heart, and although I wouldn’t have put it in this language at the time, I was also offering it all up. I could be wrong, it might not work out, but I had no misgivings about what I was doing. I trusted that whatever happened there was something looking after me, I would be OK. And I still feel that way today.

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3 thoughts on “24 Years Later

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  2. Tom Kirwan

    Good to hear from you Rev. Alicia! I remember you being excited at Throssel when you received your copy of Shobogenzo and have valued contact with you over the years.
    Unfortunately I am no longer in the area of Cromford but am often thinking of you and your kindness.

    1. Alicia Post author

      Good to hear from you too Tom – I hope all is going well for you, thank you for your kind thoughts.

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