A Bit of a Lull

It’s too early to start packing for the move on March 10th – I don’t want to be living amongst packing boxes for longer than I have to – so I have spent the week mainly on admin tasks connected with the move. I’ve ticked off lots of boxes on my to-do list, such as informing the council, the insurers, the water board, arranging for mail to be forwarded etc etc.. My telephone and broadband supplier has offered me a deal I can’t refuse on fibre optic broadband at the new property. I don’t have a TV so I use my computer to stream a movie now and then, I shall be well set up now!

Field of Merit logoI’ve also used this lull in activity to write an application to a charity that gives grants to charities like ours. I hope they will be able to help with a grant towards the rent (£600 per month) which is almost 50% of the Hermitage’s outgoings. We still have a long way to go in terms of meeting all our expenses with donations, and I am hoping that by expanding what is offered at the Hermitage more people will feel inspired to support it.

To that end, I’ve been spending a bit of time this week thinking about how and when to run introductory classes and meditation evenings and have added a new page to the website. I’ve always liked new starts, an opportunity to create something new, the challenge to respond and open to whatever circumstances are appearing and to find wise ways of working with them. A friend of mine, who is a garden designer, said to me once: the universe is my design partner. Yes! (No! I’ve remembered that wrongly, it was more like impermanence is my design partner – that makes more sense.)

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