A Barn Conversion in Cromford

The promising property that I mentioned in my last post is a barn conversion tucked away behind a street in the nearby village of Cromford, and yesterday I signed the lease.


Unfortunately I will not be able to take the caravan with me, so I shall be selling it, but one of the attractions of this property is that it has an annexe with a bedroom and a bathroom, making quiet self-contained guest quarters, so I shall be able to continue to offer individual retreat facilities. On the other side of the building is a private courtyard, south facing, which I shall pretty-up with pots of flowers.

Cromford is a village with a lot of history as it was here in 1771 that Richard Arkwright built the first cotton mill to use water-powered frames. A large part of the village was built to house the mill workers, and Cromford is now part of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage site. Attractive footpaths and trails have been developed along the canal and former railway lines so there are plenty of good walks right on the doorstep.

I’ll be moving in on March 10th.

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2 thoughts on “A Barn Conversion in Cromford

  1. Jitei White

    Hi Rev Alicia,
    My name is Rev Jitei, a priest in the White Plum Lineage of Maezumi Roshi. My ordination Master is Genshin Roshi.
    I just wanted to offer you my kindest of thoughts and best wishes for your move to your new property. It looks a beautiful building and will make a great Priory, how wonderful for you!
    I live in Lancaster but if you need any support in any way I would be delighted to help.
    With much love,
    Rev Jitei

    1. Alicia Post author

      Hi Rev. Jitei,
      Good to make your acquaintance and thank you very much for your kind thoughts and offer of help.
      I’ve started packing now and I am finding some things I never unpacked from the move a year ago and wondering if I really need them!
      With best wishes

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