Southern Hawker

DragonflyThe leaves are starting to fall aren’t they? The willow next to the chalet is shedding its leaves over the paved area out front here and I’m wondering if there’s any point in sweeping yet.

Apologies that this photo is slightly out of focus, but I was amazed that this dragonfly stayed still long enough for me to get any sort of photo at all. I see these dragonflies quite frequently and this one was about 7cm/2.5inches long and I am reliably informed by C, who was here for the day recently, that it is a male southern hawker.

The photo also shows how grubby the caravan has become, and I had already started cleaning it the day before. If you’ve never had to clean a caravan imagine that you have left your car in the driveway for months, near trees, and multiply the job of cleaning it by a factor of about 5 and throw in having to do half of it on a stepladder and you’ll have an idea. So on Sunday I did the roof, which is the dirtiest and most awkward part of the job, and then I could work around the sides on subsequent days. It is actually a very satisfying job and, as I have said before, I really enjoy the practical side of caring for the Hermitage.

I have posted the Trustees Report & Financial Statements 2014 on the website and you can click to view. It’s not very long and is pretty straightforward, you don’t need to understand accounts, so I encourage you to take a look as it gives you some background information about this project as well information about the finances.

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