Planters and Peaceful Days

PlanterR gave me this lovely bushy outdoor plant that she rescued from IKEA. I think it shed very single leaf and grew a new set immediately it received some tlc. I’ve just finished planting it in this pot. I found three of these pots around the back of the chalet and bought enough compost to fill them all. Just need to decide what to plant in them. And I know practically nothing about plants, so suggestions (and/or help if you are local) would be welcome!

I also bought a variety of daffodil bulbs to plant on the bank around the lake. This spring there were no daffodils here and I missed them.

I seem to have had a particularly peaceful week. I was going to drive to a caravan supply shop in Chesterfield on Wednesday, but the day was too good to spend driving and shopping so I put off the trip and stayed home. Sometimes – often – I want to stick to plans. I think I have a reputation for being well-organised (some who know me may be grinning at the understatement). So being able to loosen up, tune in to what feels good to do right now and change my plans is a step in the right direction for me. For someone else it might be quite different. There is a teaching story of  a Buddhist master who was asked why he gave one piece of advice to one person and the complete opposite to another. He said: if I see a person riding a bicycle and he is getting too close to the ditch on the left I say “go right!” and if he is too close to the ditch on the right I say “go left!”

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4 thoughts on “Planters and Peaceful Days

  1. Pascal

    Hi Reverend Alicia,

    Are you still on the lookout for statues, then? I spend half my life in garden centres these days and always have a look but am never sure what’s appropriate. Maybe I’ll take some pics next time!

    Monty Don’s succession of bulbs from Gardener’s World a couple of weeks ago seems like a good idea for planting up a container for colour (from now through to June!)

    in gassho-


    1. Alicia Post author

      Hello Pascal
      Yes, I’m still looking for outside statues, Buddhas and Kanzeons/Kwan Yins. It seems to be hard to find good ones that are affordable. And thanks so much for the Monty Don link – it looks ideal, I shall do it, especially as I have already bought daffodil bulbs and discovered they will have to go in a pot as the soil around here is not deep enough.
      Hope all is well with you
      In gassho

  2. Norman Trewhitt

    Regarding plants, if you have a radio why not listen to Gardener’s Question Time on Radio4 I think its broadcast at 2-00 pm on Sundays. Apart from advice it can be quite entertaining too.
    Just a thought.


    1. Alicia Post author

      Hi Norman
      I sometimes catch GQT on the radio if I am out in the car on a Sunday and I agree with you that it is entertaining even for non-gardeners like me. I visit garden centres when I come across a new one, looking for outside Buddha and Kanzeon statues. Perhaps I should look at the plants too!

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