Short Retreats


What am I going to do with all these blackberries? Eat ’em!

Just thought I would mention that one of the ways in which I see the Hermitage working is to give people the opportunity to take time out from their busy lives to get back in touch with some stillness. Even just a day or two can make quite a difference. It’s great when you have a week or more, but don’t think you have to wait until you can find that length of time. And it’s not usually a problem if it’s at short notice. I try to keep the bookings calendar up to date, so if you find you can get away for a couple of days and you can see that those dates are available why not come for a short retreat – I’d love to see you!

Tomorrow the Wirksworth Festival starts with the Art and Architecture Trail Weekend. The program says: more than 170 artists and makers show their work in delightful houses, historic and quirky buildings, gardens, shop windows and churches. The town centre is only 10mins walk from the Hermitage so I shall go and take a look around. I’m hoping to find something to brighten up the plain white bathroom walls, maybe some decorative ceramic tiles. Nice to have something to look for.

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