Making Time

I returned on Friday from a 2-week trip to Throssel. Which is partly why I didn’t post last week, the other part being that I was a bit short on inspiration – it happens. Anyway, this was my first stay back at Throssel since I moved to Sitting Buddha Hermitage six months ago and it was great to re-connect with the community and with all of Rev. Master Daishin’s disciples who are running their own temples, as they had all come to stay too.

I had plenty of walks and talks. In fact I walked almost every day as the weather was kind and the West Allen Valley inviting with the heather in bloom. I don’t seem to get out for a walk as often as I would like here at the Hermitage, despite having the time and the opportunity, so I have decided to try taking a walk after breakfast each day, and see how that goes. It is interesting how the things that are important to us don’t always get the attention we’d like. I have been loath to set myself a schedule, preferring to let the day unfold, but I think a little bit of a schedule is called for, at least for a while.

I’m also aware that the days are getting shorter and it won’t be long before they get cooler too. This will be my first winter at the Hermitage and I am thinking of putting more meditation into my days. The initial work to set up the Hermitage has been done and it is now just the tasks of day-to-day living, so there is room for more sitting. Another good reason for a schedule, I think.

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