Visitors, a Table and Pondweed

Table in ShrineI’ve spent three very pleasant afternoons this last week with visitors, each of whom brought their dog with them, so total of five humans and three dogs. One of my visitors kindly brought his electric drill, and he and his companion fixed up a folding table in the Kanzeon shrine, which makes it possible to read and study in there as well as meditate – thanks guys.

If you are within striking distance of the Hermitage or are going to be passing by on your travels and would like to drop in and see the place and have a cup of tea with me you’d be very welcome, just email or ring – see contact details.

I finished work on the charity’s annual accounts this week. We hope to have a trustees’ meeting later this month to approve them and then I will make them available on the website for those who are interested.

I’ve been out in the dinghy a couple of times. I float around pulling up pondweed until the dinghy is piled high with it. It looks like a lot in the boat, but the actual surface area of the lake that I’ve cleared is very small – I reckon one boat-load is around 1% of the weed and takes up to an hour – but I am not aiming to clear the lot, just to create some clear water to reflect the trees and the sky and to gaze into….hoping to see a fish.

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