Still as a Heron

Ox-Eye DaisiesI rescued these ox-eye daisies this morning before the chap sent by the landlord arrived to strim around the property. This place is a haven for wildflowers and it is a shame they will all be cut down by the strimmer, though it’s also good to see the property looking neat, and the wild flowers will grow back soon enough. There are wild strawberries all over the place, and I found some raspberries too and lots of blackberries, though I try(!) to keep them confined to the area around the gate.

And here is my new pal, a plastic heron to deter the live one(s). In Buddhism the heron is a symbol for meditation because it can stand absolutely still for long periods of time.Plastic Heron

This week I have been working on the annual accounts for Field of Merit, the charity that Sitting Buddha Hermitage operates from. Doing the figures is the easy bit for me as I have an aptitude for maths, and Rev. Master Peter taught me how to do charity accounts when we worked together in the Bursary at Throssel. The part that doesn’t come so naturally to me is finding the words with which to write the trustees annual report. But it is gradually taking shape, and my fellow trustees, Rev. Master Mugo and Rev. Wilfrid, will help to make it readable and informative.

Hot day here and my brain turns to mush in the afternoons so that’s all for now.

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2 thoughts on “Still as a Heron

  1. Alicia Post author

    Hi Norman
    This lake shelves very steeply so herons can’t wade here, which we hoped would deter them (it doesn’t). And unfortunately my new pal isn’t scary enough, though I think he looks pretty fine – I heard a loud flapping of wings this morning and went out to see what was happening and frightened off a heron.

  2. Norman Trewhitt

    Those herons, not only can they stand so still but when they wade through the water they do a kinhin that really flows making not a ripple.

    The intent may be deadly as far as the fish are concerned but it is beautiful to watch.

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