Improvements to the Kanzeon Shrine

I wish I had a zoom lens on my camera – the moorhen couple have six fluffy black chicks swimming around after them in the lake. So cute, but no chance of a photo. I’ve also spotted the first tiny frog on land, hardly more than 1cm long.

Kanzeon Shrine

On a sunny day this week I was sitting outside having a cup of tea and looking over at the Kanzeon shrine, which had the door open to air it out. I realised that anyone sitting in it on a warm day would want to have the door open, but then you lose some of your privacy. What it needs is a door curtain, I thought, and remembered that I do indeed have a Tibetan-style door curtain – somewhere. Finished my cup of tea, went and found it, put up hooks to hang it on and I think it looks perfect.

When Rev. Mugo was visiting the other weekend she suggested putting in a table and chair for reading, writing or eating lunch. There is space after all, the shrine is 6-sided (though you can’t really see that in the photo) and it is 8ft from wall to wall. So, finding myself in the direction of IKEA on Thursday I called in and bought one of those wall-mounted tables that folds down flat. I’m looking forward to putting it up in the next day or two. I think it will make the shrine an even nicer place in which to spend a meditative day.

If you read my post Free Flow a couple of weeks ago you’ll know that I had a bit of a problem with a kink in the plastic water pipe (properly called hose) in the caravan. After taking advice from a skilled monk at Throssel I replaced the hose with a length that is long enough to loop around, and the water is now flowing well and I am pleased with myself. I’m also pleased that I’ve been told of someone locally who services caravans – it is a relief to know that there is someone I can phone if I can’t fix it myself.

I am expecting an electrician later today to put an electrical hookup for the caravan on the outside of the chalet (the cable currently comes in through my bedroom window). It has been a week of improvements. Just thought of another, which is that you can now get these posts by email – see the new box in the sidebar.

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One thought on “Improvements to the Kanzeon Shrine

  1. Mugo

    All looking good Reverend. Door curtain works nicely and can’t wait to visit again and witness the improvements in person. Remembering the amount of frog spawn in the pond when I visited you will need to keep windows and doors shut to keep from having a frog invasion!

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