Taking the Footpath

Bluebell wood above the Hermitage

Bluebell wood above the Hermitage

Yesterday afternoon I walked up the hill behind the Hermitage to the bluebell wood. This area is criss-crossed with footpaths, both local and long-distance. The path through the wood was very muddy, but I was more interested in seeing the wood than in keeping clean. Once I acknowledged that I stopped thinking about the mud and just enjoyed the wood.

Rev. Master Mugo stayed with me last weekend. We drove to Middleton Top and walked along the High Peak Trail. Middleton top is only a couple of miles or so from the Hermitage and it is possible to walk there from here. The next day we went to Cromford and had a pleasant walk along the canal, which is part of the Derwent Valley Heritage Way.

That evening I visited The Peak Zen Centre, which is part of the Kwan Um school from Korea, as part of the process of introducing myself and paying respects to other Dharma teachers in the area.

So, quite a bit of out-and-about this week. There is a saying in Zen that we always carry the meditation hall within us. Wherever we go, we can always be in the meditation hall of our own heart.

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