Free Flow

Sitting Buddha at the Lake

How this place has changed since I moved here in February, so green now.

The first retreatant stayed in the retreat caravan over the bank holiday weekend, which was blessed with good weather. At one point the water stopped flowing from the taps in the caravan and the pump was straining. Instinct said it was a blockage, though I didn’t know how that could be the case. But it was – looking at the plastic piping under the seat inside the van I saw a kink. As soon as I squeezed it open all was well, and I kept it open by applying a clothes peg. Looked up the problem later on the internet and have now ordered some jubilee clips (short term fix) and spare length of hose (longer term project) and a comprehensive caravan maintenance manual.

I would not class myself as technically minded, and my first reaction to the lack of water was I don’t know what to do. And when you don’t know what to do you just stare at it. And it is surprising to me how often an instinct about a problem comes to mind which turns out to be correct, or pretty close, even when I don’t understand how it could be. In this case I knew the water was clean and the pipe couldn’t be blocked, but the kink had indeed blocked it.

The moral of the story is to give our instinct more of an opportunity to be heard and not let the intellect drown it out. And embrace new challenges – caravan maintenance!

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