More New Arrivals

Fish arrivingThe fish are here. They arrived yesterday, purchased by the owner of the property to keep the water of the lake clear – and to look so beautiful. There are five different kinds; ghost koi, albino grass carp, rudd, barbel and goldfish, about 40 fish in all. They are around 5″/12cm long, large enough not to be eaten by the ducks. They have brought the water of the lake alive. I am sure that gazing at the fish will become a popular meditative activity around here.

There are willows around the lake, near the little bridge, and some rocks that would make a perfect place to put a Kanzeon statue. You can often find them in garden centres so I shall be keeping a look out. If you have seen a good looking Kanzeon statue at a garden centre recently do let me know.

I got the caravan all set up this week and am very pleased with it. It has electricity for lights and heating and gas for the cooker, fridge and a heater, and of course there is water to the taps in the kitchen section and the toilet. So now it is ready to book, as is the guest room in the house and the Kanzeon shrine (for day retreats) – see the Booking page.

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