A New Arrival

Retreat Caravan Close UpHere it is – the retreat caravan arrived on Friday. Huge thanks to Andi and Wendy who took me to the caravan dealer in Wakefield, towed the caravan back and got it into position on site. All done safely and skilfully.

Yesterday I was invited to visit the Leeds SRM Group for a morning meeting to tell them all about the Hermitage. I had a very pleasant time with them, including a good lunch at a local cafe. On the way home I picked up a gas cylinder for the caravan. I also have the means of connecting the electricity supply, so over the coming week I hope to get the gas, electricity and water systems up and running.

I’ve been collecting the items needed to equip the caravan – kettle, pans, crockery, bedding etc – and I will enjoy setting up the van. I’ve probably not thought of everything, so I’m thinking of spending a night in it myself to try everything out.

I am thrilled to get the caravan and to be able to  offer a place of solitude for people to do individual retreats. I’ve put a lot of information under the Retreats tab, and please do feel free to contact me if there is anything else you would be interested to know.

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