Making the Connection

Having been prostrated by the heat this week (I really don’t do well in hot weather) I finally made it out in the relative cool this morning to go to Sainsbury’s and pick up a book from the library in Matlock. Walking over the footbridge towards the park and the library I looked down into the River Derwent and saw a water vole. Knowing that they are a bit rare these days I was thrilled to see it and said to a man walking past with his dog I just saw a water vole! Yes, he said kindly, I think there are one or two around here.

At the library I collected a book I had reserved and got 80p out of my purse to pay the reservation fee, to be told it was only 50p now I am a senior. I had my 60th birthday in June, and this is the first time I have been called a senior (in this sense of the word). The librarian had also turned 60 recently and we had a brief chat about things that get triggered when you reach 60, including the invitation that comes in the post from the NHS to send them a sample of your poop for bowel cancer screening – they say they will send a kit and a hygienically sealed Freepost envelope. So I have that fun to look forward to.

In Sainsbury’s I fancied a fresh sourdough roll and whilst I was wrestling with opening the plastic bag to put it in a woman came up beside me and took a bag and opened it in a trice and popped her rolls in. She saw me looking at her in wonder, took my bag from me and performed her magic on it. How did you do that? I said, and she took another bag and showed me. (Incidentally, I do bring those thin bags back to use again – which saves the trouble of opening them for the first time – but had already used up my supply in the vegetable section.)

I exchanged a few words with the lady on the checkout then drove home. At traffic lights I found myself behind a van from the pharmacy in Wirksworth which proclaimed: No leeches kept in this vehicle overnight.

So, this wasn’t the serious blogpost on conditioned existence that I was/am planning, and is postponed until I have a few more brain cells in working order, but I made some connections with people whilst out this morning which have enriched my day and wanted to make a connection in this way too. The down-to-earth is as fruitful a field of spiritual nourishment as the lofty.

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6 thoughts on “Making the Connection

  1. Fred

    Dear Rev Alicia,

    Your “earthy” blog is lovely. Your comment at the end reminds me of something Rev Master Mokugen said about Bill Wyatt’s haiku, that they’re both lofty and earthy. Here’s one:

    carrying this baggage
    best to drop everything – and let
    the autumn wind take it

    Best wishes, Fred

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